Specialized Energy Medicine

An Exciting New Approach to Regaining Optimum Health

Many people suffer at the sub clinical level and have no diagnosed disease. There are times when your conscious efforts do not seem to bear fruit; that is when your subconscious needs to be brought to the fore.

Specialized Energy Medicine is a modality which uses manual muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to determine both the imbalances in physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, as well as what is required to restore balance.

The techniques employed are from various specialized medicine modalities. They facilitate the smooth flow of energies, bringing about the desired shifts in your electro-chemistry at a subconscious level that will enable you to access your full potential.

The techniques are gentle, subtle and non-invasive in nature.

It has significant impact on a wide range of health and well-being issues.

The IKC Balanc-a-thon takes place on September 29, 2018. For more details, visit; http://ikc-balancathon.org/

Here’s a video of the 14 Muscle Dance that we recorded;

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