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Dr.Rashida Naraharasetti, MBBS (India), DO (MP), Touch for Health consultant, Faculty for India, and trainer for Canada is a highly skilled medical professional withabout over 30 years of practical experience in hospital, home health, and primary-care environments. She was trained as a medical doctor from India and practiced family medicine for 7 years in India. She worked in UAE in a hospital environment for over 15 years. Her interest in metaphysics leads her to alternative/complementary medicine and energy healing. Touch for Health resonated with her approach to holistic health and well-being.

She emigrated to Canada and currently resides in Ontario, Canada, and frequently visits India. She works towards harmonizing the non-physical energy associated with various systems of the body, encompassing the physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual dimensions of the individual. Rashida discerns self-sabotaging issues and facilitates their correction through simple energetic recalibration.

She provides her services globally online and in person to help clients achieve optimal health and improved quality of life.

Rashida is a Touch for Health consultant, Touch for Health faculty for India, Trainer for Canada, and a BrainGym consultant/Instructor.

Rashida developed and teaches online courses of the Spiritual Cycles Balance program


M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) Nagarjuna University, India

DO MP (Osteopathic Manual Practice), Canada

Complementary Medicine Training

    • TFH Energy Balancing, IKC(Australia) 2003
    • Pranic healing, UAE 2004
    • Intuition, psychometry, The Endorphin Foundation- The Netherlands 2004
    • Mudra Therapy, India 2006
    • Professional K Practice, USA, 2004- 2008
    • Overcoming Co-dependency, USA 2005
    • Switched on management, USA 2006
    • Birth/postbirth reflex integration, USA 2007
    • Applied Physiology, USA 2007
    • BrainGym®, USA 2014-2016
    • Siddha System of Medicine, India –ongoing
    • Body Type Training, USA, 2017
    • Touch for Health metaphors trainer, Germany 2017
    • Vedic studies, India/UAE 2007 –ongoing
    • Epigenetic Healing Cycles, Canada 2018

Speaker and Trainer

She has been invited as a keynote speaker to international conferences and speaks globally to various groups.

Rashida is a Touch for Health International Faculty for India; Touch for Health consultant, Touch for Health Instructor Trainer in Canada, and a BrainGym consultant/Instructor.

Rashida developed Joint protocols integrating TFH, Osteopathy, and Myofascial release techniques.

Rashida developed and teaches online courses Spiritual Cycles Balance program

Teaching Experience 

Holding a Global license to teach

  • Touch For Health Instructor, IKC, Australia since 2004
  • Top 10 Pain Releasers, US K Institute, USA since 2004
  • Touch For Health Metaphors, IKC, Australia – since 2012
  • BrainGym®, Breakthroughs International, USA since 2015
  • Touch For Health Faculty and International representative, India: Instructor Trainer Canada, IKC Australia –since 2015
  • Optimal Brain Organization, BrainGym® International, USA since 2016
  • Physiological Basis of learning, BrainGym® International, USA since 2016
  • Dominance Factor, BrainGym® International, USA since 2016
  • Vision Circles, BrainGym® International, USA since 2016
  • Double Doodle play BrainGym® International, USA since 2016
  • Touch For Health Meta Trainer – Australia- since 2017
  • Epigenetic healing Cycles – New Zealand since 2018


Canadian Association Bioenergetic Wellness, Canada

General Osteopathic Council of Ontario, Canada

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners, Canada

IKC, Australia

Brain Gym International, USA

Autism Society of India, India

Programs Developed

Somatic dysfunction Joint Protocols

Integrated Energy (MC^2) Tips

Emotional programming

Dancing to the Rhythms of the Cosmos

Spiritual Cycles Balance Program

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