Daily Routines

7-Minute Daily Routine

Bioenergetic Balance is based on the truth that we all have an innate ability to self-healing.

The techniques of daily routine help us to harness this healing power within us to overcome health challenges and to keep ourselves healthy.

Electrical energy workout

  • Switch on the energies- Keep one hand on the belly button,
  1. with the other hand rubbing the inner ends of the collarbones for 20 seconds.
  2. with the other hand rub above the upper lip and below the lower lip for 20 seconds.
  3. with the other hand rub the tip of the tailbone for 20 seconds.                       1 minute
  •  Massage both ears for 10 seconds and pull them up, sideways, and down for 10 seconds.          20 seconds 
  • Run your hand upwards 3 times in front along the center of your body from below the lower abdomen bone to the lower lip.       10 seconds

Emotional energy workout

  • Place your palm across on forehead (ESR points)+Navel (2 rings of emotion around the navel) with positive affirmation out loud –Today is a GREAT day/I live life to the fullest             30 seconds

Personal ecology workout

  • To get one’s feet on the ground- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially-

Stand up bare feet; visualize your feet strongly connected to the ground and the roots spreading far, deep, and strong. Affirmation – I am grounded and stable                    1 minute

  • Place one hand with the heel of the palm on the hairline, fingers extending over the top of the head; the other hand is on the back of the head with palm on the occiput, fingers running also to the top of the head. Facilitates energy to the liver, pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus for balanced hormones.     1 minute
  • Massage 1 inch above the navel, 1 inch away from the midline on both sides.        20 seconds

Structural energy workout

  • Head and neck rolls- Gently roll your head and neck in all directions                               30 seconds
  • Cross march on the spot making sure that the opposite leg and arm move forward at a time.                                    1 minute
  • Gait reflexes—
  1. Rub between the bones in the foot: Place the thumbs on the underside of the foot for stability, place the fingers down between the bones of the top of the foot, and rub intensely pushing into the muscles. 20 seconds for each foot
  2. Rub the side of the foot: Place the hands on either side of the foot and rub deeply along the edge.   10 seconds for each foot      1 minute

Scrub your back with a brush while taking shower to turn on Back Regulator energy flows that influence biochemistry, circulation, and hormones and connect all systems of the body bringing harmony within the self.

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