What is specialized energy Medicine?
Specialized energy medicine is an integrated approach of applying a variety of modalities as and when indicated depending on the client’s condition. You may find detailed description of these modalities on the page entitled “Tools” available here.

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What does a specialized energy medicine session consist of?
A specialized energy medicine session begins with identifying the priority issue to be addressed along with noting down other issues related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

We prepare the client’s system by switching on energy switches and generic energy exercises.

As we identify disturbed energy patterns in relation to the goal, various reflex techniques from ancient eastern energy systems and modern western developments are used to reinstate the energy patterns. The correction techniques are gentle, subtle and non-invasive in nature.

During the entire session manual muscle testing is used as an indicator of energy flows.

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Do I need specific clothing for the session?

The client wears whatever clothing he or she is comfortable in. Clients stay fully clothed throughout the session.

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Do you prescribe any medication or herbs?
No prescriptions are given.

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Is it a healing session?

These sessions help trigger the healing process within the client. The client accomplishes the healing him/herself.

Every one has an innate healing mechanism that heals self.

In Specialized Energy medicine the client is a “ Self responsibility Model”

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What do I have to do to reinforce the changes?

The goal statement can be used as an affirmation. The emotion that is found during the session can be addressed by self when it surfaces later.

Appropriate energy exercises related to the goal are used as homework reinforcement.

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May I bring someone to accompany me to my session?

As it is your personal session, it is up to you to decide if you want another person with you during the session.

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Please let us know if you have any other questions about Specialized Energy medicine!

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