Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Stress Management

  • If you have any difficulty in clearing your mind of the distractions of daily life, sit for a few seconds with your fingertips of your right hand lightly touching the fingertips of your left hand. This will automatically harmonize your energies.
  • Place the tip of your index finger on the base of the thumb, and gently press the thumb on the index finger—this mudra sedates the restless and anxious mind, calms overcharged nervous system, and relaxes spastic muscles
  • Hold your index finger with all the fingers of the opposite hand, wrapping them around it for 1 minute feeling the energy pulse. Switch to the other side and hold for 1 minute. This helps to calm an anxious mind.
  • Emotional Stress Release – Whenever you are under pressure, hurt or shocked, take the emotional edge off by holding your ‘Oh my God’ points, the prominent points on your forehead. Put your fingertips over your forehead, on the prominent bony points above your eyebrows. Keep them there while you think through the problem. This shortcircuits the classic stress response.

The ESR technique activates reflexes that bring sufficient blood to the frontal lobes of the brain. When we are in a fight or flight response the blood gets diverted to the occipital area where alarm and vigilance responses take place. Diverting the blood to the frontal area allows you to find new ways of looking at old problems, new possibilities, and alternative solutions.

Healthy Immune System

  • Place your left thumb over your left ring fingernail ( this helps to clear the chest). Place your right hand over your left shoulder close to the neck (this revitalizes ascending energy) Bring knees together so that their inner sides touch (this revitalizes descending energy) Repeat on the other side.
  • Join together the tips of the thumb, the ring finger, and the little finger and hold for a few minutes. You can do this with both hands at the same time.

Holistic Vision    

  • Keep one hand on the belly button,
  1. with the other hand rubbing the inner ends of collar bones for 20 seconds. Look right and left
  2. with the other hand rubbing above the upper lip and below the lower lip for 20 seconds. Look up and down
  3. with the other hand rubbing the tip of the tailbone for 20 seconds. Look in a mirror

All the above – 10 repetitions each/ three times a day

  • Take a break from reading or working on the computer – swing your eyes side to side on the page of the book or swing the cursor on the screen of your computer while looking at it once every hour.

Look far ahead and then look at the closest point in front of you- repeat a few times

  • Blink while you trace the edges of the book or screen of the computer clockwise and counterclockwise for a half minute on each side. Relaxes your eyes from the stress of fixation.
  • Place the tip of your ring fingers to the base of your thumbs and bring gentle pressure on your ring fingers. Hold for a couple of minutes. Improves vision by increasing fire element in the body.

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